Here’s what patients are saying about Dr. Scott:

“Have never encountered such an exceptional physician, both in expertise and compassion.”

“Phenomenal physician to have on your side.”

“Dr. Scott always takes time to go through and answer all of my questions. He is very calming and reassuring while making sure his patients/me understand their/my procedures.”

“Dr. Scott was my periodic OB/GYN during my pregnancy and delivered my son at the hospital. I appreciated his very professional, but casual and real bedside manner. He always took plenty of time to explain things and answer my questions.”

“At my age I have seen a few OBGYNs and Dr. Scott is one of the best. I was referred to Centre by my primary care physician and was randomly scheduled with Dr. Scott. I couldn't be happier! After several consultations I was scheduled for the Novasure Ablation procedure. Dr. Scott performed this procedure and everything went smoothly. He was very thorough in explaining what to expect and even provided my husband with his cell phone number if we needed him or had any questions after the procedure. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is a very compassionate, dedicated and patient doctor who really cares! He also has a wonderful sense of humor which helps in his line of work.”

“I had to make an appointment at Centre and none of my preferred doctors could see me on the days I had open however the nurse on call stated that Dr. Scott had an appt available. I'll be honest I was a little nervous as I prefer a woman doctor for these appts. To my surprise he came in like we've known each other for years. My nervousness quickly went away as he listened to my concerns and made sure I was comfortable. Took the time to make sure I had all my concerns answered and I will definitely be back to see him for my yearly. I would recommend Dr. Scott to all my friends however selfishly I'm a little afraid his schedule will be filled up quickly as well :-) seriously though, he is amazing, Professional and will take the time with you that most doctors lack these days.”

“Dr Scott has by far been the best Dr I have seen in this field. He takes time to listen and provides different solutions to meet your needs. He had helped me with a problem that I was having and I am forever greatful for his professionalism and the time he took to make sure that I was taken care of.”

“I started seeing Dr. Scott once I became pregnant in the fall of 2011. During my pregnancy, the practice I go to had me rotate through the doctors. Although all of them were very nice and professional, Dr. Scott was by far my favorite (he's an ECU PIRATE too). He's warm, friendly, professional, smart and makes you feel instantly at ease. Each time I visited him, he took the time to answer any questions I had and made me feel as though he had all the time in the world. I ended up being lucky enough to have Dr. Scott deliver my daughter (he was on call that night). We had some unexpected bumps with labor (she did not want to come out!) and Dr. Scott was there every step of the way. He even stayed 4 hours over his shift and delivered her via c- section. My recovery with the c-section was SO smooth. His bedside manner is top notch (he put my family at ease and has a very calming presence) and I can say nothing but amazing things about him. I just went back for my yearly check-up and as my husband and I start to think about baby #2, I know with certainty that I will see Dr Scott for every appointment. I would not consider going anywhere else (in fact, if he ever left his current practice, I would totally follow him to his next location). He's the BEST!”

“Dr. Scott is one of the best doctors I have had and would recommend him to anyone I know. I began seeing Dr. Scott when I had started experiencing pains in my lower abdomen and discovered I had ovarian cysts. He was very thorough and knowledgeable in explaining my options and what to expect. We chose surgically removing the cysts as my best option, which he performed this surgery as well. I never felt uncomfortable or worried at any point throughout that process. With such a great experience I knew I wanted to see him for the birth of our son. One of my favorite things about Dr. Scott is how personable he is. He always remembers things I've told him. He makes my husband feel comfortable and confident while being conversational. You won't find a nicer doctor that genuinely cares about his patients.”

“My wife was actually looking to make an appointment on short notice with another doctor out of this office, but that doctor wasn't available. The receptionist was able to squeeze my wife into Dr. Scott's schedule on the same day. After a brief wait we were taken to a room and in a very short period of time Dr. Scott came in, introduced himself and begin to ascertain the info he needed to determine his course of action. He was very personable and very knowledgeable as well as very informative about every step of the process that needed to be pursued. He made sure that we understood all of our options before proceeding and was very willing to answer any and all of our questions and even solicited them to ensure that we understood what he had discussed. Before meeting Dr. Scott my wife was a little apprehensive as she, like many other women, prefer a female to do her examination. However once we spoke with Dr. Scott his knowledge, demeanor and disposition put us both at ease and we were confident that my wife was in good hands. He was very thorough,patient and had an excellent beside manner. He never flinched in any thing we discussed with him and at all times had excellent eye contact as he talked to both of us. I would highly recommend Dr. Scott. He is a rare find in the medical community now a days!”

“Dr. Scott is a wonderful doctor! I started seeing him while I was pregnant as you have to see all the docs and ended up picking him as my primary OB/GYN. Luckily, he also delivered my daughter. He is very personable, great bedside manner and willing to listen. He also has great follow up. He personally called me after having my daughter and after 19 months still remembers her by name. I will continue to recommend him to anyone who is looking for a new OB/GYN.”

“I didn't think I cared much for male OBGYN's, but I am so glad I stumbled upon Dr. Scott. I got an appointment with him easily. He is not a stuffy doctor at all. In fact, I walked away feeling like I had known him for years because he was so personable. He genuinely cares for his patients and takes the time to listen to even the most trivial of questions. I have recommended him to several of my girlfriends since my initial visit and those that have gone have echoed my sentiments. If you are looking for an OBGYN that cares about YOU, Dr. Scott is the one!”dc